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• Your lactation consultant is an IBCLC (see below)

• Personal & professional telephone consult

• Full assessment

• Clinical Report to Health Care Provider

• Bound by the standards of the International Lactation Consultant's Association

• All services provided for a one time affordable fee

You can now contact our Mother's Helpline toll free at:

1 - 877 - 250 - BABY (1-877-250-2229)

We are now accepting calls!!!! Talk to a Board Certified Lactation Consultant today!

Our services include a helpline for breastfeeding mothers to get expeditious and trusted assistance, available now. We have recruited some of the finest and most professional lactation consultants in the country to provide this service. Although the service is not free, there is just a one time affordable fee, and we accept all major credit cards.

Remember, Breastfeed For Health, LLC consists of a network of IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants), who are hand selected professionals known for their experience, ethics, and helpfulness. Therefore, we are in a unique position to assist breastfeeding mothers with much needed support, while at the same time, moms can give themselves and their baby all the health benefits achieved while breastfeeding. Each lactation consultant will provide an assessment of the mother and baby’s condition, an appropriate plan of care, and, with the consent of the mother, a full report to the health care provider. We will also send the healthcare provider documentation that may result in insurance reimbursement of the one time affordable fee for the consultation.

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